Energy-saving transformer

1, scope of application

This series of transformer used in street lamp power saving device, can be divided into two kinds of single-phase and three-phase, rated current from 10. A, 800 a, output voltage range have 1-6.

2, the structure characteristics of

This product can be divided into isolation type and the coupling type two kinds, the EI mode of structure, core with high quality low loss imported cold rolled silicon steel sheet, coil with class H enamelled or glass BaoBian copper wire winding, the transformer under the vacuum state through the class H insulation paint and drying, basic no noise when running.

3, the performance parameters

(1) winding temperature rise: highest rated load, the temperature rise of less than 50 ℃

(2) winding dielectric strength of core: less than 5000 v

(3) winding between instantaneous voltage under 4 kv or higher

(4) the overload capacity: 125% (20 minutes each gear)

(5) under the condition of rated current, when the secondary moment when open, induced at the ends of the secondary open-circuit voltage limit within 10 kv

No-load loss: (6) is less than 0.3%

(7) moistureproof processing: ensure that under the condition of environment humidity 95% work for a long time

4, the use of the environment

(1) temperature, ambient air temperature is highest do not exceed + 60 ℃.

(2) above sea level, the installation location of altitude does not exceed 2000 m.

(3) is not affected by rain and snow.

(4) no violent vibration and shock vibration

(5) no explosion hazard of medium, and medium without enough to corrosive action on metals, and the failure of the insulation gas and conductive dust.

Note: can be designed according to the special requirements of customers.

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