Reactor application instructions

Reactor is widely used in electric power, induction furnace, motor speed control device (dc speed regulator, frequency converter, etc.), communication, filtering and suppress the high frequency interference, and other equipment.Is the indispensable components, electrical products has been used long ago, the main application range is as follows:

A, used for frequency control of motor speed, dc speed regulating device such as A speed control;

B, for UPS uninterruptible power system;

C, used in induction heating, induction smelting, induction welding equipment;

D, to use the energy used in laser processing equipment processing device;

E, used in computers, office equipment and information communication equipment power supply device;

F, for large rectifier device.

Due to the rapid development of the hair of electronic science and technology, application field of reactor are also further expanded.The traditional design and production technology, in terms of magnetic flux leakage, cooling problems will emerge, as the subject must be solved to electrical design.The company introduction of foreign advanced technology, the main part of the core reactor design for multiple core column, and based on this carried on the thorough research, developed a landmark of the reactor.

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