New type of plate type reactor

The new disc type reactor is introduced:

For ordinary reactor, on clearance to obtain the core target of inductance.Usually on the reactor coil if insert core, as a result of the permeability change is very big, and coil chain flux becomes very large.However, if the current value exceeds a certain value, the core of magnetic flux saturation, inductance value will be down sharply.

If using the following diagram, in the form of overlap between iron core coil winding round plate, let the two magnetic flux produced by the coil in the vertical, Φ Φ m t.Due to the width of the coil and clearance, inductance is more part from the air, and reduced the eddy current loss arising out of the hollow type and the problem of electromagnetic mechanical force.Moreover, since there is no gap, decrease of vibration, the noise is smaller.

In addition, L - I characteristics below, compared with the change of current value, can get a little L change characteristics.

This reactor can be used in dc and ac, also can be made into single phase and three phase, as shown in the figure below is single phase reactor.

The main characteristics of disc reactor:

1, since there is no mechanical clearance, and core for welded structure, so the noise is small;

2, has excellent I - L features, even if the over-current, inductance value and reduce is very small, please see characteristic diagram;

3, because of its simple structure, so high reliability;

4, due to the small size, so the cover an area of an area small;

The shape of plate type reactor structure:

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